Geometry: ride

Part three of my modern AU fic. Here’s part one and part two. Elsa’s first day at school, and she gets a lift with Anna and her boyfriend Hans.


"Didn’t I tell you? Sexy. As. Hell," said Anna with a low whistle.

Her boyfriend pulled up the open top jaguar onto the curb. It looked like something that should be in a car show. Long and sleek and red like a rocket, from another age, its cream interior spotless.

"Do you mean the car or your boyfriend?" asked Elsa.

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"Il Sole amava la Luna così tanto
da morire ogni notte
per farla respirare.”


Geometry: chocolate weetabix

Follow on from this. Elsa Hall is the lovechild of a toxic affair. She has never met her sister Anna, a spoiled rich kid and daughter of the well-to-do Anderson family. When Elsa’s mother dies, the Andersons adopt her and she meets Anna for the first time.

Haven’t decided whether this will be an elsanna fic or not yet. Let me know your thoughts.

Chocolate weetabix

Elsa had never felt so nervous before in her life. Flushed and feeling sick, she pushed her bangs out of her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. All her life she’d seen girls wearing school uniforms, and she’d wondered what their lives must be like. Now, seeing herself in the neat blazer and pleated skirt, she felt as though she was looking at someone else.

Even in the extra small size, though, it was baggy on her. And she’d no idea how on earth you were supposed to tie a tie. Her previous attempts only knotted the thing up like a cat’s cradle. She looked at the piece of material in her hand. What exactly was the point of a tie, anyway?

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by 鶴巻長介