I’m back bitches! The steam fair was awesome. I imbued many, many pints of cider. Real ale ain’t bad either (my favourite was ‘piddle in the hole’). We tried to find the gay nudist beach but were unsuccessful in this endevour, and my brother buried me up to the neck in sand (classic seaside entertainment— burying your sister). A few days after we got there the heavens opened and the ground turned into chocolate pudding so thick it tried to pull your wellies off. But we still had a rockin’ (if a wee bit muddy) time. Really great bands. And, turns out getting wrecked with your friends and going on the fun house is probably the best thing ever.

Toodle-oo to you all! Off to Dorset Steam Fair for 10 days, to drink copious amounts of cider, listen to folk music, and drink copious amount of cider. See you when I get back!

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"the jig is up!"

Cut Through the Heart update (chapters 22 and 23)

Chapters 22 and 23 are are now up! Enjoy!


Elsa is not amused with your shenanigans.
…idk. my bad mood decided to jump into what I was sketching.
I promise something happier for my next upload.

Queen Anna | Dark Frozen

Whoah! I love it <3 Especially how you’ve used the light in this one. Despite all the pink shades it still looks ominous. She’s wearing Elsa’s dress and Elsa’s tiara, and you can see the knowledge of that wearing heavily on her. Her eyes look haunted.

Haruki Murakami, Kafka on Shore